US immigration law is not simple to navigate when you are on your own. A massive number of rules, regulations, and procedures may result in an overwhelming experience for first-timers. Can working with an immigration lawyer speed up the process to obtain a US green card? Read on to find out. 

Is it Possible to Navigate the US Immigration Process without a Lawyer? –  Realistic Overview 

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the federal agency responsible for the naturalization and immigration system.  

A branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the USCIS has several visa categories based on the applicant’s goals, skills, background, country of origin, and other aspects.  

Some visa types are more sought-after than others, but the application process can be lengthy and intimidating depending on the conditions for approval and admission into the country set forth by USCIS.  

No matter how easy or difficult the application process for a certain visa might be, the assistance of a well-versed immigration attorney cannot be taken for granted.  

In the following topics, you will understand how the knowledge and experience of an expert lawyer can make the whole process smoother and less expensive than it would be otherwise. 

Finding the Most Accurate Strategy 

The primary way a lawyer can help aspiring US visa holders succeed is to help them consider their options as accurately as possible. Petitioning for the wrong visa type only results in recurrent failures and disappointments.  

With a multitude of visa options available, the first step to guaranteeing a successful application is to identify the advantages and disadvantages associated with each visa and whether a certain visa suits the applicant’s circumstances.  

The expected timeline of each application is also a fundamental aspect of the application process. An experienced attorney can help applicants to anticipate the estimated timeframe involved, as well as the resources required throughout this period.  

Handling the Paperwork 

In most cases, the forms involved in the application for a US visa are not simple to understand. Navigating the required paperwork can lead to a confusing situation, especially considering the odd language and tricky elements applicants may need to deal with. 

Please note that the documents used on visa applications are not written to facilitate the understanding process for non-lawyers, which often results in frustrated attempts to deal with all these complex factors. 

A well-versed immigration lawyer will not only help applicants to prepare and handle the paperwork but also provide valuable insights into the legal implications and best options surrounding the documents required in the process. 

Guaranteeing Full Compliance  

The immigration process does not end with a successful application. Once the petition has been approved and the green card is finally obtained, the new visa holder cannot fail to fulfill the duties and obligations to maintain the newly-acquired status. 

A zealot immigration lawyer will help you to stay compliant with all necessary renewals, documents, taxes, and other responsibilities of foreign nationals who benefit from the US immigration system. 

Can Lawyers Speed Up Green Card Process? – We Are Willing to Help You Today 

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