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“My Business is Protecting Your Success.”

Romy B. Jurado, Esq.


Romy B. Jurado

Romy Jurado grew up with the entrepreneurial dream of becoming an attorney and starting her own business. And today, she is living proof that dreams really do come true. As a founder of Jurado & Associates, P.A., a reputable business, real estate, and immigration law firm, Romy’s practice is centered primarily around domestic and international business transactions – with a strong emphasis on corporate formation, stock and asset sales, contract drafting, and business immigration. Romy has become very involved in the nonprofit sector as well. She is the President of Club Amazonas USA, a charitable organization that takes Doctors to the Amazon region of Peru to provide medical assistance to those children and adults in need. Also, she is the President of Cattorneys At Paw, Inc., a non-profit corporation that aims to save as many cats as possible from hunger, disease, and homelessness.

Romy has also mentored new entrepreneurs through her affiliation with SCORE and has educated young minds as an adjunct professor for the paralegal program at Miami Dade College. She continues to educate minds of all calibers by speaking at conferences and educational seminars as a certified speaker for real estate boards, commissions, and other organizations throughout the state of Florida.

Areas of Practice


Business Law


Estate Planning


Real Estate


Our Mission

Jurado & Associates, P.A. was founded with the vision to provide accessible and comprehensive legal services to the wide variety of clients from across the world who live, work, and do business in South Florida. That is why we combined our expertise to provide clients a one-stop source for nearly all their legal needs, whether they are buying or selling a home, trying to start a business, or need the right visa to fulfill their American Dream.


I focus on providing our clients with exceptional service. I pride myself on being able to cater to our clients’ needs. I return calls and other inquiries promptly and remain available to our clients through the resolution of their legal matters.


Attention to Detail

Business transactions, trademarks, contracts, business visas and other legal matters require detailed, focused legal representation. I pay attention to every detail to protect our clients’ interests.


Law in Plain English

I know that our clients are not legal experts, and they don’t need to be. I work hard to make your legal matters easy for you by explaining complex transactions in understandable terms.


When you work with me and my team at Jurado & Associates, P.A., we want you to understand your rights and options so we can make the best decisions possible in your case.

My success is defined by your success. Not only do I work with clients to solve problems, but my overall goal is to prevent problems from happening.


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