Miami is known worldwide for being an “immigrant city.” Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and other foreign-born individuals make the city a unique hub of cultural diversity.

Still, immigrating to the United States became a Homeric task in the last few years, which made it even more fundamental to work with an expert immigration lawyer. When someone wants to immigrate and settle in the Miami-Dade area, the best approach is to hire a local attorney.

Nonetheless, how to find the right immigration lawyer in Miami? In this article, you will discover the do’s and do not’s when choosing a Miami immigration attorney

Hiring an Expert Immigration Lawyer in Miami – Experience in the Field 

Although many Florida lawyers market themselves as “immigration attorneys,” the reality is that many of them neither have the knowledge nor the experience required for an expert in immigration law. 

It is crucial to understand that immigration law is an ever-evolving field, which requires constant adaptation and continuous dedication for professionals who want to stay up to date. 

When hiring a Miami immigration lawyer, make sure to work with someone well-versed in the theory and practice of immigration law. 

Hiring an Expert Immigration Lawyer in Miami – Proven Track Record of Successful

When assessing the services of a Miami immigration attorney, make sure to pay attention to the professional’s case track, including the number of cases resolved, the percentage of positive results in court, and the number of satisfied clients. 

In this sense, one of the most reliable ways to evaluate this aspect is talking to individuals that were clients in the past. This way, ask previous clients about their thoughts on the service, availability, communication skills, and other aspects of the lawyer before signing the paperwork.

Hiring an Expert Immigration Lawyer in Miami – Utilize the Internet the Right Way 

Undoubtedly, the internet is the most valuable tool when it comes to researching anything. Make sure to take the best out of your favorite search engines and utilize these tools the right way. 

When searching for a Miami immigration lawyer, be careful with scams and other types of deceiving activities. For example, many scammers market themselves as “visa consultants” or “notarios” to attract potential clients, especially foreigners who struggle with the English language. 

However, such people are neither qualified lawyers nor authorized to provide any type of legal assistance or representation. 

Hiring an Expert Immigration Lawyer in Miami – Professional Certification 

In Miami, only lawyers certified and registered with Florida’s bar association have the qualification to guide, assist and represent individuals in immigration law. Hence, it is fundamental to check the lawyer’s certification to verify its validity.

The ideal approach when confirming an attorney’s certification in a specific jurisdiction is to contact the licensing agency that grants the bar license. In Miami, you can visit the State Bar of Florida website and select the “Find a Lawyer” option on the screen.

Then, you need to type the first and last name of the lawyer to verify his certification and licensing status in the state of Florida. 

How do I Find the Right Immigration Lawyer in Miami? – Work with Jurado and Farshchian, P.L.

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