When it comes to resolving shareholder disputes in Florida, the best strategy is to prevent disputes from arising in the first place. However, sometimes disputes are simply inevitable. So, when one of these inevitable disputes arises, what should a company do? How should the shareholders resolve it? That is exactly what you will learn in this article, so read on to find out how you can protect your business from damage caused by a chaotic shareholder dispute in Florida.

Resolving Shareholder Disputes in Florida

Shareholder disputes can significantly damage a company by causing demoralization within the business, stifling growth, and wasting company assets. Whether substantial or trivial, these disputes can prevent a company from reaching its full potential. A draining litigation process can take a toll on any business, both financially and emotionally, so it is vital to not allow disputes between business partners or shareholders to destroy what they have worked so hard to build. 

A company can implement various strategies to resolve a shareholder dispute in Florida; however, the first step in every single one is always the same: to hire an experienced Florida Business Attorney. A skilled lawyer will not only focus on settling the dispute but also on protecting the business so it can continue to operate, which can often be quite a challenging task because, if disputes were monsters, their favorite food would be relationships between business partners and shareholders.

No matter how seemingly flawless a particular business may be at the time its operations begin and how good the relationship between the owners is, disputes are far more common than most people would think, even when the people involved are friends or family. 

This is why the best way to both prevent disputes from arising in a company and resolve them if they do arise is to create a bulletproof shareholder agreement that establishes, among many other critical things, how the shareholders should resolve all disputes. In other words, shareholders should choose a dispute resolution strategy BEFORE any disputes arise and before the business even begins operating. This will prevent disputes from causing damage to your company. Why? Because, in the event a dispute arises, you and the other shareholders will have to do whatever the shareholder agreement says you must do, regardless of how upset you or your partners may be or how badly one of them wants to take the case to court. If your shareholder agreement explicitly establishes that all disputes must be resolved through arbitration, for example, even if a shareholder files a lawsuit, the court will enforce the arbitration clause in the agreement, forcing you and your partners to go through the arbitration process. When it comes to resolving shareholder disputes in Florida, your shareholder agreement is your best friend.

However, creating a bulletproof shareholder agreement is not easy, as this type of contract must include numerous critical details, so it is best to hire an experienced Florida Business Lawyer to draft it for you. I can be that lawyer. I have many years of experience, and I know the process of resolving shareholder disputes very well. However, while I am skilled at resolution, prevention is what I am most passionate about. Why? Because after a dispute, a business is never the same. The relationship between its shareholder deteriorates – sometimes significantly, sometimes slightly, but it deteriorates nonetheless. My goal is not to simply draft contracts for your business, prevent your business from getting in legal trouble, and representing your business in court if a dispute arises; my goal is to help you reach the top of your industry. My business is protecting your success. To me, this is much more than just a slogan; it is the foundation of everything I do as a business lawyer.

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