When it comes to Wage and Hour issues, Florida Employers that violate the Fair Labor Standards Act (or FLSA) can face expensive and disastrously damaging lawsuits filed by their employees. The claims of numerous employees stating that they have all been affected in a similar way may even result in class action litigation.

 When Florida Employers are accused of an FLSA violation by one or several of their employees, it is crucial to speak with a skilled and experienced Florida Employment Lawyer about a defense strategy.Read on to learn why I am the right attorney for you.


Serving Businesses of All Sizes

For a closely-held business or an enterprise that has expanded fairly rapidly, compliance with the FLSA may not have been properly taken into account. The focus of your business might have been on “more important things” such as completing orders and other business-related activities. For this type of companies, when claims are filed against them, they can really pull the floor from their feet and employers may not be ready to respond effectively.This is one of the reasons why, in addition to representing big companies throughout the State of Florida, I also work with smaller Florida Employers facing the challenges of Wage and Hour Lawsuits. An extensive experience in employment defense support is the main reason why you should consider hiring me for your case.

 Dispute Resolution through Mediation

In most cases of Wage and Hour litigation, the court will typically order that the parties go through mediation at some point before a trial or hearing. In most cases, the success of this alternative form of dispute resolution depends on who is chosen as mediator.

Mediation in disputes arising in the context of employment matters is far more likely to reach an effective resolution when the mediator has a background in employment law and possesses the ability to work well with people that might not necessarily be friendly to each other. If an experienced mediator for a dispute involving Florida Employers and Employees is what you are after, then I am who you are looking for


Handling the Emotional Aspects


Employment Law cases in Florida are often very emotional. The loss of a job or even a career not only affects a person’s finances – it is often tightly bound to their self-worth and the perception of who they are. When discrimination or harassment is alleged by employees, the Florida Employers that are accused may not have the sensitivity or understanding needed to fully comprehend the situation. This is where an experienced Employment Lawyer can help by bringing peace to the table and making sure each party does not break the law even further in a desperate attempt to solve the issue.


Comprehensive Review of Employee Handbooks

Many inexperienced Florida Employers will ask the common question: Is it really that important to have an employee handbook reviewed by a legal expert?

The short answer: Yes!


In Florida, Employment Laws are continuously changing and evolving every year, and making sure to stay up to date on the changes made to the laws regarding employment is probably at the bottom of every business owner’s list of priorities (if it is on the list at all), which means that it is imperative to have a legal expert review your employee handbook in order to make sure everything in it is in total compliance with the most recent changes made to the law.

In addition to reviewing your existing employee handbooks, I can draft your company’s new employee handbooks, procedures, and policies in order to ensure total compliance with current employment laws and rulings and avoid the potential issues that may arise from not having your employee handbooks properly updated when the laws change.

Outstanding Services for Florida Employers

From the offices of my Miami Law Firm, Jurado & Farshchian, P.L., I provide every single one of my clients with detail-oriented services and the successful reputation I have earned over several years. When it comes to helping Florida Employers facing legal disputes against their employees come out victorious, I have what it takes.

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