In Florida, when Wage and Hour violations affect several employees over an unnecessarily long period of time, it can give rise to substantial liability, even if employers are acting in good faith.

An Overview of My Wage and Hour Services

Counseling clients in Florida about Wage and Hour issues, performing reviews regarding compliance, and defending litigation and government investigations have been among the services my Miami Law Firm, Jurado & Farshchian, P.L. has offered for several years. I work with many clients every year from allover Florida, and my team and I offer our clients a group of skilled and experienced Wage and Hour attorneys with an extensive knowledge of Wage and Hour laws in Florida.

Compliance Review Capabilities – My Preventive Approach

I have always believed that it is important to address any potential Wage and Hour issues before lawsuits are brought to the table or government investigations begin. I assist clients on a regular basis in reviewing company practices and policies, pointing out any areas where Wage and Hour compliance is not present, and making suggestions for how to ensure compliance in a way that fits with the operational needs of the client and minimizes the risk of litigation or government investigations later on.

Some of the Wage and Hour areas my team and I focus on include the following:

  • Classifying employees as either exempt or nonexempt from overtime;
  • Examining job duties and compensation practices;
  • Classifying workers as employees or independent contractors;
  • Calculating appropriate compensation for all hours worked by non-exempt employees, including tasks performed away from the workplace and activities at the beginning and end of the workday;
  • Calculating overtime properly.
  • Considering all the required compensations;
  • Establishing a correct treatment of the periods for meals and rest;
  • Ensuring compliance with existing wage and fringe benefits requirements on government contracts;
  • Discovering whether employers use the fluctuating workweek method correctly;
  • Ensuring compliance with laws regarding child labor;and
  • Reviewing procedures for timekeeping and record keeping.

Defending Wage and Hour Litigation

In addition to counseling related to compliance, I litigate Wage and Hour cases regularly in both state and federal courts in situations that include single-plaintiff, collective, class, and hybrid actions, and I am consistently at the forefront of issues emerging in FLSA and state Wage and Hour law.

While most of these cases typically are about whether employers have correctly classified employees as “exempt” from overtime pay requirements or nonexempt employees received pay and overtime for every hour worked, at our firm, my team of experts and I also handle cases of class actions involving a broad range of Wage and Hour issues, such as:

  • Bonus calculations;
  • Paycheck requirements;
  • Vacation pay;
  • Dress codes and uniforms; and
  • Time penalties.

On a daily basis, I handle claims alleging misclassification of the exempt status of workers, violations of overtime pay, uncompensated work, inaccurate record keeping of time and payroll, and several other issues for many employers and businesses of many natures and sizes.

Hiring the Right Business & Employment Lawyer

My Miami Law Firm offers a wide range of services to help businesses and other entities make sense of their legal obligations as employers and ensure that their legal and financial interests remain effectively protected in the event that unwanted disputes with employees arise.

My basic approach in defending employers in Wage and Hour class actions can be summarized as a focused and vigorous defense by a skilled and experienced Florida Business & Employment Lawyer. As mentioned above, I work with many businesses of all sizes every year handling cases of Wage and Hour compliance and defense. My long list of satisfied clients speaks for itself.

If you are an employer in Florida looking to make sure you are in compliance with Wage and Hour Laws or you need defense against a Wage and Hour claim, then I am the right attorney for you. There are many ways in which I can help your business thrive, Employment Law is only one of them.

To learn more about my services and/or schedule an initial consultation, call me at (305) 921-0976 or send me an email to [email protected] today.