It is not hard to find foreign entrepreneurs seeking to establish a company in the United States. While there is a welcoming environment for migrants willing to work hard and thrive, US immigration law has strict rules applied to specific aspects of the operation. 

Can foreign entrepreneurs stay in the United States after starting a business? Read on to find out. 

Can I Stay in USA If I Start a Business? – The Verdict 

US law does not restrain foreign citizens or non-US residents from owning a business in the country. Accordingly, as long as they meet the basic tax and administrative requirements, foreigners can form a US company from scratch or purchase an existing business. 

However, it does not necessarily mean that owning a US business automatically affects the owner’s immigration status. While your immigration status does not affect your ability to establish a company in the United States, it determines whether you can live in the country as a permanent resident. 

Simply establishing a business on US soil does not result in a resident or work visa for a foreign entrepreneur.  

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has several visa categories applied to different types of migrants, including employment-based visas based on capital investment or participation in a US company.  

While establishing a company in the United States can be one of the requirements of a specific visa category, the sole act of starting a US business is not sufficient to qualify anyone to stay as a permanent resident in the country. 

Can I Stay Based on a Work Visa After Starting a US Business? 

Under US law, foreign nationals who want to work legally need a proper visa with work authorization. It is possible to set up a company in the country without work authorization, but the owner’s activities in the company are restricted to a certain scope.  

Without work authorization, a foreign national can choose the business structure, invest the necessary amount of capital, open a business bank account, and participate in backstage decisions without actively engaging in running the company. 

To circumvent this inconvenience without obtaining work authorization, many foreign nationals start a business with partners authorized to work in the United States. This way, the partner can take care of all managerial and operational duties. 

The foreign partner remains a founding party of the business, receiving a fair share of its profits. As any form of wage or salary would indicate compensation for services provided to the business, only the partner actively engaged in the company can receive it.  

Still, this method does not solve the residence issue, as it will not allow the business partner without a work authorization to stay in the country. 

Can I Stay in USA If I Start a Business? – Feasible Solutions 

Living and working in the United States legally requires foreign nationals to obtain a proper visa. Starting a business is part of the requirements of different visa categories, which gives non-US entrepreneurs a chance to own a US business and qualify for a visa at the same time. 

Instead of filling out the paperwork and starting a US business without perspective to attain permanent residence, the best approach is to rely on the guidance of an expert business immigration attorney and find a solid strategy to obtain an investor’s visa.  

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