Alcohol manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are subject to federal and state regulations. Engaging in any of these activities without having a proper license may result in hefty fines and negative legal implications. 

In this article, you will find a guide on how to hire a liquor license attorney in Florida.  

Liquor Licensing Rules in Florida – The Fundamentals  

The agency responsible for issuing alcohol-related licenses in Florida is the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (DABT). This division is a subset of the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), the largest regulatory authority within state jurisdiction. 

It is possible to divide the alcohol licenses into four major branches – sales permits, manufacturer licenses, distributor licenses, and special licenses. 

Applicants seeking licenses to sell liquor have four options of licenses focused on beer and wine and ten options of licenses for hard liquor. As expected, each license has specific requirements and restrictions. Generally, the price varies from county to county. 

Liquor manufacturers have five options of licenses with a cost range between $1,000 and $4,000. These options are AMW (Wine Makers), BMWC (Wine markers & Cordials), CMB (Malt Beverages), DD (Liquor Distillers), and ERB (Blended Liquors). 

 Liquor distributors also have five options of licenses with a cost range between $500 and $4,000. The subcategories available are EDB (Low Alcohol Distributor – Dry Counties), KLD (Distributor of Wine, Spirits, and Malt Beverages), JDBW (Distributor to Distributor), IMPR (Alcohol Importers), and MEXP (Alcohol Exporters). 

The category of special licenses offers over 20 variants, from licenses exclusively designated for alcohol consumption on premises of Theme Parks to licenses applied to cases of bankruptcy, levy, etc. 

How to Hire a Liquor License Attorney in Florida – Feasible Solutions 

As it is plain to see, navigating the complex regulations of Florida law to obtain a liquor license is not easy. Attempting to work your way through the process alone may result in a confusing and distressing experience.   

Working with an experienced liquor license attorney offer several benefits. Entrepreneurs often do not have time to spend on time-consuming applications, as they need to focus on running their endeavors. 

An expert licensing attorney can handle the required paperwork and rely on real-world experience to conduct the application process efficiently. Another important aspect is the cost of licensing delays. 

The sooner an applicant obtains the licenses and permits to manufacture, distribute, or sell liquor, the sooner the business can turn into sales and cash flow. Businesses depend on cash flow, which means losing time with delays resulting from application mistakes may hurt a company’s revenue. 

When choosing a liquor license attorney, it is fundamental to find someone with experience in the field, especially the updates and changes in statutes related to alcoholic beverages. A liquor attorney must have the skills to identify an ideal route for each prospective licensee and ensure full legal compliance with the applicable laws.  

Do You Want to Obtain or Renew a Liquor License in Florida? – Immediately Seek Legal Guidance 

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