Investing in Real Estate in the US does not confer immigrant status. Many clients often inquire about the prospect of gaining immigration status through real estate investments in the US. However, an immigrant visa is attainable when investing in specific projects that qualify for the EB-5 visa. However, the EB-5 investor must commit $500,000 to a “regional center” EB-5 Project, leading to the creation of 10 jobs.

EB-5 Visa

The EB-5, rather than being classified as a visa, is, in fact, permanent residency or “green card.” The EB-5 covers the investor’s spouse and all children under 21, providing them with permanent residency for life. After five years as a permanent resident (green card holder) can apply for citizenship, although it is optional. Did you know you can live in the United States your entire life with a green card without applying for citizenship? However, to vote or petition for your parents, US citizenship is necessary, not just residency.

This type of case can be quite protracted, taking between 2 to 3 years for full approval. The EB-5 investor essentially loans $500,000 to the EB-5 regional center project, assuming a passive role. The investor doesn’t need to actively run a business. Moreover, EB-5 families cannot relocate to the United States until the case is approved, a process usually taking two to three years. Families can’t reside in the US during this period unless they have been issued another type of visa, such as the E-2 Visa. Depending on the project, the funds may be returned to the EB-5 investor after five or six years. One successful project for EB-5 investors is Paramount World Center in Downtown Miami.

E-2 Visa

Characterized as a non-immigrant visa, the E-2 visa is issued in five-year increments. The investor needs to make a substantial investment in a commercial activity or business. This visa includes the investor’s wife and children under 21. Once the children turn 21, they must seek their own immigration status.

The E-2 investor must renew their visa every five years, demonstrating that the business not only continues but is profitable. The E2 Visa has an impressive approval rate of 97%, and renewals boast a high 98% approval rate. Once the business is acquired, the E-2 Visa can be obtained in 90 days, sometimes even faster, making it an excellent visa option to enter the United States.

Numerous businesses for sale may qualify for an E-2 visa. At Jurado & Associates, P.A., our seasoned Immigration Attorneys will not only assist in securing your E-2 and E-5 Visas but also provide expert guidance in ensuring your investment plays a significant role in the US economy. 

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