Creating an S corporation in Florida is not easy, so working with experienced business formation lawyers is vital. In this article, you will learn what you need to know about creating an S corporation in Florida and, most importantly, why you need help to do it right.

Creating an S Corporation in Florida – The First Step: Making the Right Choice

Before creating a corporation, you need to decide which type of corporation you want and, most importantly, which type you need, depending on your unique circumstances and goals. There are two types of corporations to choose from – S corporations and C corporations.

When most people think about corporations, they think about C corporations. In other words, most people link the word “corporation” to a company that issues dividends, can have several different classes of shares, and can have many shareholders. S corporations are similar, as they offer most of the same benefits; however, in some ways, they are more similar to partnerships.

In simple terms, an S corporation is a type of corporation that meets specific IRS requirements. Meeting these requirements allows the corporation to pass income directly to its shareholders without being subject to corporate income tax.

Is creating an S corporation in Florida the right move for you? Read on to find out.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating an S Corporation

By far, the most significant advantage of S corporations is that they are “pass-through” entities. Thus, essentially, the income an S corporation generates goes directly to its shareholders, as there is no corporate income tax. In other words, the shareholders of an S corporation report their income on their individual tax returns. Thus, the revenue generated by the company is not subject to double taxation, unlike C corporations. This can be a considerable advantage, especially for small businesses, where every cent counts. 

However, creating an S corporation is not always the right move. Several disadvantages go along with creating an S corporation in Florida. For starters, the distributions an S corporation makes are usually subject to much heavier scrutiny by the IRS. Why? Because some S corporations make distributions as a way to avoid payroll taxes. For this reason, S corporations are usually at a greater risk of being audited.

Another big disadvantage of creating an S corporation in Florida is that there are usually more formation requirements when compared with partnerships or limited liability companies. To create an S corporation, you must file “Articles of Incorporation,” and several startup costs are involved. Although the benefits of creating an S corporation may easily outweigh these costs, they can be substantial, so keep that in mind.

Important S Corporation Facts You Need to Know

In essence, an S corporation is a corporation that has chosen to pay taxes as if it were a partnership. This choice, however, has a price. When you choose to pay taxes as a partnership, you automatically limit your company in several ways. For instance, if you decide to create an S corporation, you will not be allowed to have more than 100 shareholders, and you can only offer one class of shares.

In addition, only domestic corporations can choose S-corporation taxation, and only specific organizations can be shareholders, in addition to individuals. Make sure to consider all of this before deciding to create an S corporation.

Are You in the Process of Starting a Business in Florida? I Can Help You

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