Are you thinking of starting a new company? If you are, consider working with an expert who can guide you on how to start a company. Building a company is complicated for it is associated with legal matters, so a business lawyer is important in building your business. As a business lawyer myself, I can help you handle the legal issues to protect your business and prevent it from encountering possible lawsuits in the future. Here are some legal concerns which bring conflict that is often unnoticed by most entrepreneurs as they build a company.

Obtaining A Shareholders/Purchase-Sale Agreement 

If a company has multiple owners, it is a must to get a Shareholders/Purchase-Sale Agreement to make the people involved aware of the logistics of the company and to ensure that everything is settled. More often than not, the business partners when starting a new company are either friends, family, or relatives. In this situation, most entrepreneurs disregard the Shareholders/Purchase-Sale Agreement when their partners are people they know or are close to them. 

On the other hand, in the event that unfavorable circumstances take place and a conflict arises between the business partners, a Shareholders/Purchase-Sale Agreement is essential to settle arrangements for the purchase and sale of the company to be evenly distributed to partners. The agreement should come with an exit arrangement for when they have decided to put an end to the partnership and will no longer work together.

Securing Your Trademark When Starting a New Company

Another important factor that is usually overlooked by entrepreneurs when starting a new company is checking if their chosen business name is already registered to someone else. When creating a name for your business, you should always verify that your chosen name has no duplicate. This is to prevent future conflict and to avoid legal concerns in having the same name with another existing business. There should only be one business name; duplicates are usually considered fraud, and getting the name of another company is considered illegal.

Furthermore, duplicate business names create confusion for customers and they might go to your competitor with the same name thinking that you and your competitor are just one. You lose customers this way and your competitor might reap the benefits of your efforts as customers mistaken them for your company. In making your business name or trademark for your business, you should consult with a business lawyer with proven experience and skills for guidance. I can help since this is my field of expertise as a business lawyer. 

We can talk and discuss these matters over the phone or through an email, call (305) 921-0976 or send me an email at [email protected]. I am more than willing to help to defend the rights of my clients and guide entrepreneurs for the safety of their business in accordance with the law. It is to your advantage to get my services for the security of your business. Any actions that are related to business should comply with the rules and regulations both local and international if you aim to market your business globally.