In 2014, there were hundreds of Wage and Hour class actions filed against Florida businesses. In 2017, that number skyrocketed to thousands. In the State of Florida, the average amount of money employers have to spend to defend a Wage and Hour lawsuit is approximately $100,000 and often goes way higher. This amount does not include damages or settlement payments to the plaintiffs.

When it comes to this kind of employment dispute, I have the experience you need for your case as I have defended hundreds of Wage and Hour lawsuits all over the State of Florida for employers from a wide variety of industries and businesses of a wide variety of sizes. Additionally, my services for employers include the protection of businesses from being hit with Wage and Hour lawsuits in the first place.

Your Business vs. Employment Class Actions

An overwhelmingly high percentage of all employment cases filed in the State of Florida are class actions. In 2017, there were thousands of employment class actions filed against Florida businesses, which means there were at least 5 of them filed each day. When disputes of this kind arise, settlements of seven and even eight figures are very common for large companies, while smaller businesses generally dish out six-figure settlements to extract themselves from these Wage and Hour lawsuits. Throughout the process, these companies spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend themselves from their employees.If your business has been attacked by an employment class action, it is imperative to seek the help of a skilled and experienced Florida Employment Lawyer to help you plan your defense strategy and establish your position properly.

Your Business vs. Florida Employment Laws

Florida has some of the most complex and exhaustive Employment Laws in the United States. There are hundreds of potential violations employers can be accused of in Florida and thousands of employment lawyers ready to file lawsuits at every turn in the hunt for penalties for everything from untimely or missed meal periods to unsuitable seats. Although the damage that results from these violations is often minimal, the potential penalties can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars very quickly. This is why I have developed a method to ensure customized compliance solutions in order to help your business avoid Wage and Hour lawsuits that come in the form or style of extortion.

With the help of the team of expert Employment Lawyers at my firm, Jurado & Farshchian,P.L., I have developed a niche practice defending businesses from actions that are “extortion-styled.” As a Florida Employment Lawyer with years of experience, I understand the enormous threat these actions present to businesses,which is why my firm has developed a quick, solid, and efficient litigation strategy to attack these actions effectively and to quickly get your business back on track on its operations while reducing legal expenses and improving your practices and policies to decrease the risk of your company being targeted by employees in the future. If you hire me, I will put the experience and knowledge gathered throughout the years working with hundreds of businesses into practice for your case in order to protect your interests and increase your chances of success.

Wage and Hour Policy Review and Training

When it comes to Wage and Hour in Florida, I have created innovative compliance solutions and state-of-the-art exhaustive training methods for employers and employees. Over the years, I have trained hundreds of business executives and managers across the State of Florida on issues involving employment laws. I will become a partner of your business and work diligently to create compliance solutions that are specifically customized to your business and your budget.

A High Level of Experience Handling Employment Class Actions

My team of legal experts and I have successfully represented hundreds of businesses of a wide variety of sizes in Wage and Hour class actions all over Florida. At my firm, our Employment Law Team led by me has decades of collective class action experience and a strong record of success. I have personally litigated several employment class actions on both sides of the bar and I will surely do it for you and your business. I am only one phone call away.

To get in touch with me, give me a call today at (305) 921-0976 or send me an email to [email protected]. I look forward to adding you to my long list of satisfied clients.