One of the most stressful stages in the process to obtain a marriage green card is the interview. This procedure will be conducted by Immigration officials to verify whether the marriage was entered in good faith by the parties. 

Ultimately, the goal of the officials is to confirm that marriage is not part of a scheme to circumvent US immigration law and unlawfully seize immigration benefits. In this article, you will find out the main questions asked during the marriage green card interview. 

What Questions Do They Ask When Getting a Green Card Through Marriage? – The Essentials  

After attending the USCIS office at the scheduled date, applicants will be placed together in an interview room. During the interview, the responsible official will ask questions to both spouses as individuals and as a couple. 

Although the interview typically takes only 15-20 minutes on average, many people tend to overlook this phase of the application process, which results in processing delays or even denials.  

How the Couple Met  

Usually, the first part of the interview involves questions about how the relationship started and resulted in a marriage. The official will identify whether the couple actually fell in love, which will be done by questioning: 

  • Where did the couple meet? 
  • What did the couple have in common in terms of personal preferences? 
  • Where did the first date take place? 
  • How long did it take before the couple decided to marry? 
  • Which partner proposed to whom? 
  • When did the couple meet their father/mother-in-law? 

Wedding-Related Questions?  

Officials tend to ask about the day the couple got married. It is important to pay attention to detail, such as: 

  • Where was the wedding ceremony held? 
  • How many people attended the ceremony? 
  • Did your parents attend? 
  • Can you list the bridesmaids/groomsmen who were part of the ceremony?  
  • Where did the honeymoon take place? 

Daily Life and Relationship-Related Questions  

These questions refer to intimate aspects of a couple’s relationship, such as:  

  • Who is responsible for the couple’s finances?  
  • Where did you spend your first vacation together?  
  • Do you often attend a religious temple together?  
  • When does the couple celebrate their anniversary?  
  • Do you plan on having children together? 
  • Do you have children from previous relationships?  
  • How often do you meet each other’s parents?  
  • When was the last time you spend time with them? 
  • Do you celebrate holidays with your relatives? (e.g., Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) 

At this phase, the Immigration official might also ask the names of each spouse’s brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and other relatives, as well as mutual friends.  

Education and Employment-Related Questions  

The couple must know details regarding each other’s education and employment, which includes: 

  • Where did your spouse attend school? 
  • Did he/she get a college degree? 
  • If yes, what did he/she get a degree in? 
  • Where does your spouse work? 
  • How long has your spouse been working in this company? 
  • What is your spouse’s position within the company? 
  • Do you know your spouse’s professional background?  

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