Ranked number one on the list of the world’s wealthiest and most diversified economies, the United States offers fertile soil for foreign entrepreneurs willing to work hard and abide by all applicable immigration laws. 

In this article, you will find the fundamentals of foreign entrepreneurship in the United States.  

Opening a US Company as a Foreign – Understanding the Basic Requirements  

US law does not restrict the ability of individuals born abroad to establish a business in the country. Hence, both non-US citizens and non-residents are free to conduct business in America. 

It is possible to form a company from scratch, buy an existing business, establish a franchise, or create a branch company in the United States. 

Foreign investors also have the flexibility to choose the business structure to form the company and whether it will be owned or controlled by one or multiple parties. A company owned by a foreign investor or another company established abroad is referred to as a “foreign-owned” business. 

Each of the fifty US states has specific laws to govern business formation. Some states are more “business-friendly,” while others tend to have stricter statutes. Florida and Delaware are good examples of states that offer foreign investors a variety of benefits. 

Foreign-Owned Business in USA – Choosing the Right Business Structure  

While foreign investors are allowed to open companies anywhere in the United States, there are restrictions associated with the type of business structure chosen for foreign-owned companies. 

Corporate businesses with S-corp status cannot be fully or partially owned by foreigners or non-residents. This exception does not affect the ability of foreign investors to make business in the US, as they can form limited liability companies (LLCs), C-corporations, and partnerships. 

Are There Specific Visa Requirements to Open a Business in the US? 

US immigration law does not restrict the ability of non-residents or non-US residents to enter the United States to open a company. As long as a foreign investor has gained entry to the country under lawful status, it is perfectly possible to form a new business or purchase an existing one. 

There is no specific visa required to open a US business, which allows foreign investors to choose from a variety of classifications with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

Please note that a foreign investor’s visa does not affect the ability to own a US company but does not automatically authorize the owner to work for the business.  

There is a legal difference between owning a company and working for the company you own in the United States. Performing labor for a US company as a foreigner requires proper work authorization.  

How to Find Business Opportunities in USA for Foreigners – Do Not Attempt to Work on Your Own 

Identifying the most profitable opportunities and setting up a business in the United States can be an expensive and time-consuming experience if you lack the networking and level of expertise required in the process. 

From obtaining the right visa to negotiating with local business owners, suppliers, and vendors, this process is riddled with multiple steps that require the utmost attention. Additionally, the US tax system is particularly complex to navigate for non-lawyers. 

If you want to find good business opportunities in the United States and filter out promising offers based on real-world experience, the best approach is to work with an expert business attorney. 

Waste no Time with Uncertainty – Immediately Seek Expert Legal Guidance 

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