The state of Florida offers a thriving landscape for small businesses and startups. However, before establishing and running a company in Florida, owners need to stay fully compliant with all required regulations.

Hence, it is fundamental to know how to apply for a business license in Florida to avoid issues with the responsible agencies. In this article, you will discover how to apply for a business license in 2021. 

Applying for a Business License in Florida – The First Step 

Each type of business requires a proper business license, which means that owners need to search for specific agencies depending on the product/service they offer to consumers. In Florida, a business license can come either from a county agency, a city, or the state. 

Typically, obtaining a business license in Florida begins with research, as the owner needs to find out the required business licenses in his/her industry and jurisdiction.

After completing this step, the owner can download the forms and gather all the necessary documents to file, and submit the application to the state with the required fees. 

Applying for a Business License in Florida – What Are the Requirements? 

Before applying for a business license, entrepreneurs need to know if they meet the requirements to open a business in Florida. In this sense, the requirements vary a lot according to each industry and jurisdiction, but standard requirements are: 

  • Valid federal or state registration
  • The applicant’s age
  • Background check 
  • Valid proof of education
  • Valid proof of insurance 
  • Tax information (e.g., federal tax ID number) 

In essence, these requirements are the same, regardless of applicants’ jurisdiction and the type of industry they are entering.

Whether an entrepreneur is planning to profit from rental properties, investing in farming, or real estate development, he/she must have the proper license before the business operations start.

Applying for a Business License in Florida – Application Expenses 

Generally, most small businesses have a relatively low budget. Therefore, any extra expenses associated with licenses and documentation may be a concern.

However, opening a business in Florida has its advantages, including a low cost for business licenses. This way, entrepreneurs can save some money to re-invest in their businesses right from the start. 

The costs vary according to each type of business, but entrepreneurs can expect to spend less than $100 on a business license. 

You can visit the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) website and check the list of services that require a DBPR license with the corresponding price of each business license. 

Applying for a Business License in Florida – Documents and Application 

In Florida, the process of applying for a business license requires several different documents. Hence, the best approach for applicants is to gather all necessary documents before the application to ensure a more expedited process. 

Each type of license will require specific documentation. But, again, finding the necessary information on the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) website is possible.

After visiting the DBPR website, applicants download the necessary forms with all information needed to complete the application, including the required documents. 

In addition to the state application, applicants may need to provide information to apply for a city or county business license. Also, it may be necessary to obtain a TIN at the IRS. 

Applying for a Business License in Florida – How Long Is the Process to Obtain a Business License? 

Typically, the time length of the process to get a business license varies according to the responsible regulatory agency or jurisdiction in charge of the license application.

In most cases, licensing entities will inform applicants of the average processing time for each type of business license. In addition, some agencies have websites where it is possible to monitor and track the status of each application, but it is not mandatory for all of them. 

Why Working with an Expert Attorney is Crucial to Get a Business License in Florida? 

An expert business attorney’s guidance will help you stay compliant with all required regulations at the state, county, or municipal level. 

Plus, a business attorney will help you put together the necessary documents and save precious time filing and applying to the responsible licensing agency. 

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