As an employer, navigating the many federal, state and even local Employment Laws of the State of Florida has never been more challenging and complex. From routine matters such as laws related to minimum wages to the significant changes the Affordable Care Act has brought to the table, knowing how to ensure that a business remains in compliance with Florida Employment Laws while protecting the best interests of the company at the same time is more difficult than ever these days.

If you are an employer in the State of Florida, my team of Employment Lawyers and I can guide your business in creating an efficient and well-organized workplace and handling disagreements between you and your employees, which are more common than most people think.


I have an accomplished career of many years working as a Business & Employment Lawyer in Miami, representing clients all over the beautiful state of Florida in a wide variety of cases for businesses of all imaginable sizes. When it comes to professional experience, not many lawyers out there know Employment Laws from a practical level as well as I do. I combine an extensive knowledge of Business, Labor, and Employment Laws with a high level of experience in the field of human resources and commercial activities. This is experience that you cannot afford to be without as you seek to protect the legal interests of your business while promoting a productive and peaceful workplace.

With the help of a sensational team of legal experts,I have managed to bring my Miami Law Firm, Jurado & Farshchian, P.L., to the top, and we can honestly say that we are among the best of the best.

By providing general legal consulting in addition to strategic and comprehensive litigation, mediation, and arbitration, I can assist employers all over Florida whether they are seeking to avoid legal disputes through preventive strategies or resolve a legal issue with employees,either through mediation or, should it be the only option, litigation.

Defending Employers against Wage and Overtime Complaints

Ensuring timely and fair payment of wages to your employees is one of your primary responsibilities as an employer in Florida. Although you probably work hard to ensure you maintain compliance with all applicable Employment Laws and keep your employees happy about their job and the workplace,there is always the possibility that employees will believe you have somehow taken advantage of them, and you need to be prepared with a strategic and aggressive defense in the event that a wage and hour claim is filed against you. My preventive approach to wage and hour will help you create a bulletproof strategy for when claims are filed against you by your employees. As your lawyer, I will work hard to ensure you understand the Employment Laws in Florida and how they work on a practical level. I will take care of all the heavy lifting; however, I will make sure you know and understand the details of the strategies that are being created and put into practice.

Wage and Hour Claims and Audits Should Not be Treated Lightly

Most businesses in Florida are forced to evaluate the wages of their employees either as a result of direct lawsuits filed by aggrieved employees or as a result of a Department of Labor audit. When it comes to audits,they can happen either randomly or follow a claim filed by an unhappy employee.

As your lawyer, I will be ready to help you protect your business whether you face direct lawsuits from former or current employees, or you need to ensure fair treatment during the Department of Labor auditing process.

Successful legal representation in the employment area of business requires extensive familiarity with the complex Employment Laws of the State of Florida. With decades of combined experience, the attorneys at my firm and I are ready to help you respond effectively to even the most serious allegations.

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As a Business & Employment Lawyer in Florida with many years of experience, in every case I have handled I have learned, among other things, that the best way to ensure that a business operates in total compliance with Business and Employment Laws is to create a long-lasting professional relationship between employers and their lawyers. This is why,when you hire me and my firm, you can count on us to be with you for many years, in every step of the way to the top of the business world. To schedule an initial consultation or learn more about my business and employment-related services, call me at (305) 921-0976 or send me an email to [email protected] today. I look forward to adding you to my ever-growing list of satisfied clients.