It is not easy to get approval for an EB-2 visa with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Hence, it is fundamental not to fail when preparing for the interview. Whether the applicant is already in the US or located abroad, he or she must go through an adjustment of status interview. 

In this article, you will discover the fundamentals of the EB-2 green card interview. 

EB-2 Green Card Interview – Full Walkthrough 

Medical Examination 

Before attending the interview at the US Embassy or USCIS office designated for your case, you must schedule and complete a medical examination with an authorized physician. The physician will determine the applicant’s admissibility into the United States in terms of health. 

In addition to the medical examination, the applicant must also complete any required vaccinations. The results of the exam can be either submitted directly to the Embassy or USCIS office processing the applicant’s petition or given to the applicant within an envelope. 

If the exam is provided within an envelope, it is crucial not to open it and preserve it sealed for the interview. 

Supporting Documentation  

One of the key elements of a successful EB-2 interview is gathering the required documents timely. The supporting documentation may vary based on the applicant’s location. If the applicant is not already in the United States, the guidelines may vary from one US Embassy to another. 

It is important to review the guidelines of the Embassy processing the petition to check the specific requirements. Generally, the standard documentation required includes: 

  • An unexpired passport (valid for the next six months) 
  • Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record) 
  • Two color passport photographs (under DOS photo requirements) 
  • A medical report provided by a USCIS-authorized physician 
  • The Employment Authorization Document (EAD) (if applicable) 
  • Birth and marriage certificates  
  • Education certificates  
  • A government-issued ID  
  • A letter of a job offers from the sponsoring EB-2 employer 

As expected, this list is not exhaustive and additional documents may be required. Any documents written in a foreign language must be submitted to an English translation. 

Attending the Interview 

EB-2 applicants must attend the interview at the right place and time scheduled by US Immigration. It is fundamental to arrive earlier and bring all the necessary documentation. Derivative beneficiaries (a spouse and qualifying children) must also attend the interview.  

The officer responsible for the interview can interview the principal and dependents at the same time or opt for a separate session for each petitioner.  Once the interview begins, the officer will begin to ask questions according to the documents and forms submitted.  

The scope of the interview focuses on the petitioner’s biographic information, professional background, qualifications, education, and employment offer. Common questions are generally associated with: 

  • The organization where the applicant is going to work  
  • The applicant’s job experience, career, and educational background 
  • Whether the applicant will work in the same field of expertise mentioned in the initial petition (Form I-140) or if there have been any changes  
  • The applicant’s current resident status (if he or she is already in the United States) 

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