Foreign entrepreneurs willing to invest a substantial amount of money pursuing a US visa can apply for an E-2 visa. Also known as the “The E-2 Treaty Investor Visa”, it is one of the most sought-after options in the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Nonetheless, many applicants fail when trying to obtain an E-2 visa, mainly because they lack solid information about the requirements and criteria to succeed. In this article, you will find out the requirements to obtain an E-2 visa in the United States.

E2 Visa USA Requirements – The Basics 

In essence, the E-2 visa allows an eligible foreign national of a treaty country to enter the United States to invest in and/or direct a business. The term “treaty country” refers to a list of countries that maintain treaties of commerce and navigation with the United States. 

This way, E-2 investors have the option to start a new business or acquire an existing business. It is worth noting that E-2 investors can also opt for establishing a franchise company, such as opening a Starbucks or McDonalds store, for example. 

While the E-2 visa does not offer permanent residency in the United States, E-2 entrepreneurs can renew their status for additional periods while their companies are still operating.

E2 Visa in Florida – The Benefits 

There are many advantages associated with an E-2 visa. While an EB-5 investor visa may have an expensive investment threshold, the E-2 visa is much more accessible with significantly lower investment expectations. 

Individuals under E-2 status can bring spouses and children under 21 to live in the United States, with no unlimited renewals. This way, families under E-2 status can freely travel in and out of the country with the possibility of renewing their visas unlimitedly. 

The spouse of an E-2 investor can also apply to work legally in the United States, obtaining a work permit with the USCIS. When compared to other types of visas, the E-2 visa has quicker processing times and potential tax benefits.

Applying for an E2 Visa in Florida – What is a Substantial Amount of Capital? 

One of the primary criteria to apply for an E-2 visa is to invest a substantial amount of capital in a commercial enterprise in the United States. In this context, the term “substantial” may be a bit subjective, as the USCIS does not specify a standard minimum investment. 

Still, it is possible to figure out a certain parameter based on the majority of applications. For instance, if an applicant wants to open a US franchise under E-2 status with a total enterprise cost of $350,000, a substantial amount of capital would likely be at least $150,000.

It is worth noting that E-2 investment does not necessarily need to be cash. Many E-2 applicants succeed when using other forms of investment, such as valuable patents, trademarks, licenses, equipment, machinery, cash in an escrow account, etc.

Applying for an E2 Visa in Florida – Providing Feasible Evidence 

Many E-2 applicants fail when filing a petition with the USCIS. Why? To obtain an E-2 visa, applicants must demonstrate how much money they are investing in a given business. 

In this sense, aspiring E-2 investors must be aware that they need to be concise in their applications, considering Immigration officers have to evaluate several applications daily. 

When applying for an E-2 visa, the best approach is to sit down with an expert immigration lawyer to prepare a detailed and well-structured business spreadsheet. This way, it will improve the applicant’s chances of success.

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