Whether you want to run an online or physical business in Florida, the company will need an appropriate space to operate the company. If you do not own a commercial property, it will require you to sign a commercial lease agreement with a landlord.  

Is an attorney required for signing a commercial lease agreement in Florida? Read on to find out.  

Do I Need an Attorney for Signing a Florida Commercial Lease Agreement? – The Verdict  

Florida law has no specific provisions requiring landlords or tenants to hire an attorney when signing a commercial lease agreement. However, it does not mean this option is the most cost-effective, especially considering the risk of disputes and litigation further down the road. 

Drafting a Solid Contract  

Whether you are a prospective lessor or lessee of a commercial property lease, it is fundamental to work with an expert legal advisor to draft a solid contract. Unfortunately, many property owners often think that using template lease forms found online offers the same reliability. 

While standard forms are not necessarily invalid, the generic language used in these pre-made documents does not meet the specific needs and circumstances of both parties involved in the lease. 

Vague or imprecise language may also result in future lawsuits and other costly side effects. Working with an attorney is the best strategy for a flawless lease contract.  

Handling the Negotiation 

Negotiating the terms of a commercial property lease is not as simple as the process involved in a residential lease contract. Landlords often have the upper hand in the negotiation, pushing the conditions of the deal to protect their interests.  

A result-oriented attorney can help to intermediate this process and ensure both parties rights and duties are clarified throughout the negotiation. A third-party legal advisor is also important to help keep emotions aside, saving lessors and lessees from wasting money while guaranteeing a fair deal for both sides.  

Mitigating Transaction Risks 

As with any other business transaction, a commercial property lease has its fair share of risk. A long-term viewpoint and a thorough review process cannot be taken for granted, especially if a prospective lessee wants to move to a leased space within a short period. 

No matter how urgent moving to the leased premises might be, failing to proceed with proper due diligence will likely result in trouble. Before signing the paperwork, an attorney must review the terms to guarantee everything is actually in place. 

Another common failure that can ruin a commercial lease is missing deadlines. A legal advisor will work closely with both parties to help them meet the required deadlines. 

Legal Knowledge & Experience  

Florida law has specific statutory requirements to ensure the validity of lease agreements. Whether you are signing a commercial or a residential lease, failing the meet the criteria set forth by Florida Statutes and other regulations may void the contractual terms – either partially or entirely.  

A seasoned attorney with years of experience in contract and business law cases is a much-needed asset for those willing to navigate these troubled waters. 

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