When you file an appeal to a federal court in Florida, it is crucial to know all the expenses involved in the Florida appellate process before processing with legal action. In this article, you will discover the costs to file an appeal in a federal court in Florida. 

Appealing to a Federal Court in Florida – Understanding the Appellate Process 

Established on October 14, 1980, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit is a federal appellate court. This federal court has over district courts in three different states – Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. 

Consequently, if you appeal a court case in one of the district courts in Florida – Middle District of Florida, Northern District of Florida, and Southern District of Florida – the Eleventh Circuit Court will be responsible for reviewing the judgment. 

In the appellate process, the party who appeals a lower court’s judgment is called the “appellant.” On the other hand, the “appellee” is the party against whom the appeal was filed.

Prospective appellants can initiate the process by filing a Notice of Appeal, a document that informs the Court of the case you are appealing and by what authority you are doing so. 

After preparing the document, you must pay the filing fee ($400) and a few other handling fees (e.g., a $2 certification fee). Upon receipt of the Notice of Appeal and the required fees, the Court will assign the appellant a new case number.

Appealing to a Federal Court in Florida – When Is the Appellant Entitled to Appellate Costs? 

In most cases, one of the parties is going to pay the other party’s costs. As provided by the Federal Rule of Appellate Procedure 39, if the judgment is affirmed or reversed in full, the costs are automatically billed against the losing party.

In case there is a partial victory, the Court should determine the costs accordingly. Regardless, the ideal approach is to have your case assessed by an experienced appellate attorney in Florida to anticipate the possible outcome. 

Appealing to a Federal Court in Florida – When Should the Appellant Entitled to Appellate Costs Prepare a Bill of Costs? 

In the legal context, the term “bill of costs” refers to a list of expenses prepared by a prevailing party in litigation detailing the lawyer’s services in the case and the total costs incurred. 

When appealing a case to the Eleventh Circuit Court, the appellant must provide a bill of costs no later than 14 days from the date the Court issued an opinion or 14 days from the date the Court determines a timely post-opinion motion. 

The best approach to guarantee a bill of costs is legally compliant and sufficiently detailed is working with a seasoned appellate attorney to itemize and verify all items in the document (including receipts, if necessary).

Appealing to a Federal Court in Florida – Seek Professional Guidance Immediately 

Ultimately, the costs associated with appealing to a federal court in Florida may significantly expensive. However, it is impossible to determine a fixed amount, considering each case is different and the circumstances that led to the appeal. 

The deadline to appeal a case in Florida is 30 days from the date the order is filed in the trial court. 

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